What to Consider when Buying a Vibrator

lg_e7ac6966123435483618271Recently I was shopping for a new vibrator I really hadn’t thought about the things I needed to consider before – this vibrator buying guide helped me choose. I ended up choosing the LELO Ina Wave from SexToys247.net.au.

I understand it can be overwhelming when faced with the large array of vibrators and sex toys online. But it doesn’t have to be intimidating, just consider a few simple factors and narrow down the selection considerably.

The Toy I bought

How to Find His G-Spot

Many articles have been written on mastering your G-Spot but did you know your man has one too? This naughty area, also referred to as the P-Spot, is actually the male prostate gland and stimulating it can give him the strongest orgasm he’s ever had. This walnut-sized pleasure center can be stimulated externally or internally to maximize his sexual experience.

Squeamish about prostate play? – read this one

The male G-Spot video

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Have A Daily Orgasm


Thanks to this recent study – orgasm secrets revealed – it got me thinking. Masturbate and serve up a daily orgasm the way you have your bowl of yogurt and granola in the morning. A daily orgasm is ideal – it makes you smile, reduces stress and has been proven to be good for your health.…

How to Choose Your Hook Up Partner

I’m a successful career woman and have no desire to be tied down to a long-term relationship. I do, however LOVE men and I really love sex. It’s difficult to choose a hookup partner, but I’ve learned that there are a few things to watch for to help you find the man best suited for your desires.

How to find a good man, from a mans perspective .. lol

and from a womans perspective ..

How To Feel Sexy

hbz-dita2-lead-smEvery woman want to feel sexy, desired and appreciated. However for it to actually work – you need to feel sexy from within. Confidence and self-acceptance is the greatest tool to being sexy. So here are some short cuts to help you feel sexy and get you on the road to being that sexy woman in the office that everyone is drawn to.…

Two Things to Remember when Introducing BDSM to a New Partner

degradation-play-1086882-TwoByOneIntroducing something kinky and new into a relationship can be difficult, but not impossible. It takes open communication and trust, and a slow start. Rushing can put a quick end to more than just an encounter, it can mean the end of an entire relationship, so approaching it the right way is important.…

Getting Them to Try BDSM is as Simple as Asking

artworks-000014583234-7zgi8q-cropI’ll admit it, I was hooked on the 50 Shades trilogy. I read them cover to cover, and when I was done, I went and read them all over again. I know I wasn’t alone, as I saw lots of brave men and women with their open books on the bus and on the beach, and some with fake covers to try and hide their shame. It wasn’t the writing that had me hooked, same for the plot or even the characters; instead for me it was the sex.

Ask …

Basic Rubber Works: Great For Those With Silicone Allergies

cv-1626610000I am one of those unfortunate few that have an allergy to silicone. It’s a contact allergy, so it means that any silicone material pressed against my body, like a silicone dildo pressed against my vagina, would make me break out in a nasty red rash that would itch like mad. That is definitely not the effect that I want from a sex toy.…

Choosing the Right Butt Plug is Easy

bed-man-womanPlaying with a butt plug during sex, foreplay, or masturbation can be incredibly enjoyable. It feels incredible whether a man or a woman, and there are a huge variety of butt plugs available to choose from. There are so many that it can be intimidating to try and choose a plug, whether a beginner or an experienced plug enthusiast.…

Give Him an Incredibly Erotic Prostate Massage

emmastone-lgWhile most guys probably feel like an expert on their own orgasms, the majority have never felt anything as incredible or intense as an prostate induced orgasm. The prostate is an extremely sensitive part of the male anatomy, and stimulating his prostate, or P-spot, takes minimal skill and a few simple supplies.…